¿Qué bola Los Angeles? – I’m on a quest to find all things Cuban and make non-Cuban things a little more Cuban.

La Ventanita – Check out the Havana Herbs food truck on Ventura.

R con R cigarro – How to properly (mis)pronounce street names in L.A.

El exilio – Echo Park was our Little Havana in the 1960s and 1970s.

Frijoles negros y un a palo de trapear – My trip to Mambi Market and La Cubana Restaurant in Glendale.

De madre – My mom recites 4 Cuban sayings in 7 seconds.

Algunos nacen estrellas y otros estrellados – Find your favorite Cuban star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Lucha libre – A night of Mexican masked wrestling at the Mayan Theater.

La comparsa – I danced, people-watched and chaperoned a Cuban dance party in the middle of Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade.

Una completa – I ate way too much at Gigi’s Bakery.

Today in Cuban Music: Habana Dreams – The Pedrito Martinez Group follows up their GRAMMY-nominated debut with the release of Habana Dreams.

Carretera central: Napa Valley – Get the most out of your road trip to wine country (including a cafesito to sober up).

El presidente – For a good time, take a van-full of Cubans to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.

Today in Cuban Music: Yo Quiero Guarachar – Afro-cuban funk band PALO! released their third album and it’s tremendo rumbon.

Dos mojitos – El Floridita truly lives up to its legacy by serving a pretty mean Mojito.

Los Dodgers – Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium fue un vacilón.

El primo – Pitbull may be 305 ’til he dies, but his name lives forever in Los Angeles.

Arroz sin pollo – Vegan Cuban at Equelecuá in Inglewood is everything!

Tremendo tumbao – Afro Cuban Jazz Project performed at Hancock Park.

Carretera central: Las Vegas – Seriously, driving to Vegas is the most L.A. thing to do.

Today in Cuban Music: La dama de la percusión – One woman takes on the most machista Cuban tradition: el tambor batá.

Isla de la juventud – A day on Catalina Island is rejuvenating.

El capitolio – I walked into the house that Nat built and played his piano.

Las galletas – These are the best cookies in LA, y lo que cuenta es el cash.

Periodo especial – The happy death of 2016, Fidel Castro.

Las rosas – ¡Que cosa más bella Dios mio! Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses Rose Bowl Parade.

Un flan – How far would you drive for the best flan in So Cal?

El escandalo – Yorba Linda is a quiet town that’s home to the nation’s greatest scandal (so far).

El barrio – Downey is Havana West and Tropicana Bakery and Cuban Cafe is the loudest place you’ll find there.

Today in Cuban Music: ALBITA – Que manera de esperar un disco, que manera.

Un cortadito – What’s in Temecula? Tremendo cortadito.

Independencia – Feliz 20 de mayo.

La cenicienta – Disneyland is a must see, but don’t expect to see el castillo de la cenicienta.

Meet a Cuban: Nairoby Otero – Meet the Cubanita behind the characters of ‘Til Sunday.’

Mal de ojo – Well, I’ve ruined the L.A. Galaxy with my evil eye.

Un besito – Don’t bring your besuqueo to L.A., because it’s hug-town over here.

Today in Cuban Music: Cubafonía – Daymé Arocena’s second album is representative of modern-day Cuba: optimistic, improvisational and openly Santera.

Santa Barbara bendita –  If there ever was a saint that held a Cuban passport, it would be la Santa Barbara (after la Caridad del Cobre, of course). Luckily, you don’t need any ID to visit California’s Santa Barbara.


La reina – Step aboard the Queen Mary and be transported back in time.

Bellas artes – Manitos atras when you visit the Getty Villa, the Getty Center, LACMA and the Broad.


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