Las galletas

Decades before Puff Daddy changed his name to Diddy, there was Diddy Riese. However, the rapper’s nickname and the cookie shop’s name are not pronounced the same way. Por supuesto que no because, you know, English.

The cookie mogul Diddy is pronounced DEE-dee and Riese sounds like a singular version of Reese’s from Reese’s Pieces even though it’s not spelled the same way. Quien entiende este idioma, meng. 


These cookies are made from scratch every day. If you show up early enough, you can get a monster deal on a dozen day-old cookies. But who cares about that when you can get same day cookies for fiddy cent. FIDDY! (Pronounced like the other rapper.)

Hold on, it gets more ridiculous. Not the pronunciations, the prices.

You want a cookie sundae? Two bucks. You want a cookie ice cream sandwich with your choice of cookie top and bottom? Two bucks. Hold on, you hate chocolate (and clearly are not winning at life)? There’s Shave Ice for a buck-fiddy. But really, don’t go there for the shave ice. What’s wrong with you? Compra las galletas.

If you’re in Westwood, you simply can’t leave without standing in line and getting your Diddy Riese cookie. These galletas are so good, you’ll be saying, ño que rico and seriously considering opening up a Bustelo stand on the sidewalk.

If you go: Diddy Riese is located in the neighborhood of Westwood at 926 Broxton Ave.

Important: Lo que cuenta es el cash. No credit cards. No checks. I did see some batting eyelashes, but be on the safe side and bring cash. You don’t need much of it. You can have a huge cookie sundae with the change in your car’s cup holder.

Must have: Obviously, las galletitas mi amor. I like traditional chocolate chip, macadamia nut and chocolate chocolate chip. Have the ice cream cookie sandwich with cookie dough ice cream and every sinful bite is worth the calorie count.



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