La comparsa

On a crisp night, as the masses head toward Santa Monica’s famed pier, a slightly smaller crowd of shoppers and dinner-goers head toward the 3rd Street Promenade.

This outdoor mall is sure to overload your senses, with loud interactive street performances, bright storefronts and sweet and savory scents. On this night, however, I was on a mission, to find the impromtu Cuban dance event, AGUA!!!

Tremendo lio tenian formado in front of the Old Navy. As I got closer, Timbalive’s Tu Sabes Que Yo Se got louder and, through the crowd of onlookers, I could see the frenetic spinning of una ruenda. ¿Cómo?

My feet couldn’t resist the urge and I wasn’t alone. Lots of people joined in, especially when the core dance group began salsa line dancing. And even if you want to try your hand at couples dancing, no pareja is necessary, as plenty of guys and girls are happy to sacarte a bailar.

If you go: The next AGUA!!! Dance Party is on June 3 from 7pm – 11pm at the Third Street Promenade. The group is also organizing a Cuban Rueda Flash Mob at the Dodgers game on July 3, in honor of Cuban Heritage Day.


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